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We are hard at work creating Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, upcoming Hidden Object game with Western theme!!! We've launched a beta test in February and received many positive responses.

The story begins with a bank robbery in the quintessential wild west town of Somerville. As the player is investigation the bank robbery, two love stories unfold as well. You'll meet characters like Charlotte, a pretty dance-hall girl; the adventurous Cowboy Joe; the brave Sheriff Jack; and Mr. Taylor, a greedy banker.

Scenes will include distinctive wild west locations like stables, the Sheriff's office, a Native American camp, and the Grand Canyon. According to Awem, special attention was paid to bringing out details like country style furniture, wooden and leather textures, authentic wallpaper patterns d├ęcor items. The items that you'll be looking for should fit the theme and situation, too.

Golden Trails will feature a rather unique awards system, where players can rack up a higher score the faster they're able to click on items. Once you've earned a certain number of points, you'll receive a bonus star that gets displayed on the main menu. There's also a trophy room which displays all of the player's achievements.

Read what we've prepared for you in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. Developer's Diary

Golden Trails: The New Western Rush - a brand new Hidden Object game from Awem Studio

Cradle of Rome 2

2009-12-10 10:58:29 by Awem

I wonder if there are fans of Cradle of Rome?

I've submitted Cradle of Rome on so you can play it online here. Hope you'll like it.

To all fans of the game I'd like to share some news on upcoming puzzle Cradle of Rome 2. Awem studio is planing to release it in spring. You can see the details of the game at Cradle of Rome 2 page

Here is a game's trailer. Enjoy!

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